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Brought my 05 magnum in for two tone paint job...i picked it up it was beutuful but i noticed that they painted over window glue that was liftin n u could see the origninal color of the car ii say i can get it gixed wen i bring it back nfor the pinsripin it so now im here n i showed the lady wedy the problem she took my car to the back n the Brent comes out all loud n aggressive like u want me toj pin stripe it or wat ne lokin confused to y hes so *** loud ii say yea y wats goin on n he rantin n ravin about becayse we did this nthat ti ur car n we didnt dicuss anythin about takin the glue off n so he wint ket me get any words out si i say y u comin out here takin ti me like u upset n he sats because i am cause Wendy just came back here n tild me ur were mad about the job. N tell his mouthafuckin *** shes a *** lyer cax i was not mad i just told her about the problem area in the car n thats not the way ti come oit n talk to a coustermer wit that nasty *** attitude of urs but just gi hrsd pin stripe my *** b4 i b n Farmington police department..so Brent.has bipolar n Wendy is a cimpulsive.lyer *** dusrepectful *** *** never got to worry bout me spendin my cash wit them ever afain nor recommending nobidy


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