i bought a generator at the el centro store, manager asked if i wanted an extended warranty, being that we live off the grid, i agree, and told him that our generator was going to be used quite a lot, any way to summarize, the first generator last only 3 months, called the warranty department, they says to get ahold of ims which is the warranty company, (useless people that don't know their head from a hole in the ground), took 5 days to get an exchange, 2nd generator didn't last a month before it started burning oil, called ims again, and got told that i am stuck with a worthless generator, and their company wouldn't give an exchange their rep said to ship it at my expense and have their techs look thru it at 65.00 per hr, all in all i very disgusted at pep boys for selling such junk and the warranties aren't worth the paper its printed on, i will never, ever go to any pep boys for anything, i would prefer to go to a junk yard at least there you know what your getting, pissed customer

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