i am absolutly discusted on how im watching a show and during the commercial you put a 2 minitue clip of how 5 faggets talk about how they pleashure other men. I dont think its fair how im a staright man forced to lisen to this because i want to conitnue watching my show.

Its not right for that to be on tv at all let alone being put on commercials to .

And people wonder why faggtes are portrayed the way they are they make me sick and i only hate them that much more after having to lisen to that ***. And i also dont think its fair that my little sister has to watch it also.

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TV has a lot of *** on it, get over it.


I was laughing through your entire comment man. I understand how you feel but perhaps you'd be taken more seriously if you spelled *** correct for starters!

Television has truly become nothing but an *** box and I myself only watch FOX news and football otherwise I play DVD's of things I wish to watch. Commercial TV is a sewer destroying America and they were worried about cable at one time.

Even cable sucks since the entire idea of cable was to pay to avoid commercials although now we pay and they show us commercials and make you pay MORE to see movies without commercials!!

*** them all I say. Run Hollywood out of business is my saying. They have zero morality and care only about the dollar and that's it.

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