After Hurricane Irma, I decided to apply for a Small Business Loans headquarters in Texas due to their advertisement in helping people when a natural disaster strike which it did in the Miami Dade area, and knowing that the Federal government was helping people with damages to their houses and their claims refused by the insurance. I applied for a lsmall business loans which they always have a low interests.

During the month of September I filled the application, first month it was denied, so I appeal then they send me a letter will be reconsider my application, then in October 2017 they send me another letter it was accepted, during November and December they reply they had a lot of applications due to various Hurricanes.

During January after speaking with an agent Kyle La Rocca which he was arrogant and nasty and scrutinized me due to my health issues, I'm suffering from Hepatitis c one of the worst Hepatitis which has damaged my liver, and has damaged my heart, due to my heart I cannot be a candidate for a liver transplant the risks are too high,these I explain 4 times to different agents, I send 8 certified letters, with copies of my medical history they were more concerned about my health, I sent copies of doctors explaining my condition,I sent copies of my Homeowners insurance my claim was denied, copies of estimates damaged to my house. I told them to take my house as collateral not once they gave me any options. I mentioned I had declared bankruptcy back in 2004 that I paid previously a small business loans for 21 years at a low interest, then in 2014 I had to declared Bankruptcy due to my deteriorating health condition.

My claims was denied after 5 months of waiting, the excuse was I was too sick and too many bills probably about doctors I had to pay. The excuse was very poor, I proved to them I was covered with a good insurance, another agent Chris called me same thing I was too ill. I think they give their loans only to rich people, or whoever they want to give the loan, not poor sick people, one agent told me "is who gets the application". Small business administration discriminates to certain criteria especially if you are sick like in my case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hail Damage Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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