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this weekend while shopping at the 6815 Highway 6 N., Houston, location. I was in the store shopping for a small gift and gift bag and a card for a birthday present. I walked in with my children and went directly to where the giftbags are because I knew what I wanted and consequently, the small toys are right next to them. While I shopped for the bag and something cute to put in it, my children touched and handled the different toys. I was slighty bothered when one of the associated came over and started rearanging things on a near by shelf that seemed perfectly fine to me, I felt she was keeping an eye on my children. My children were fine, they weren't making a ruckus, I was close to them and they know how to act in a store.

I continued to look for a gift when all of a sudden, there was a huge noise and sounds of things falling to the floor and breaking. The manager (Pam) ran from a different side of the store right to where my children and I were and asked "what happened?" in a panicked tone and looking around to see what was on the floor . I was so offended! I looked at her and pointed to where the noise had been and said "it's over there". She ran off to find it was another associate who knocked something over.

I was so upset that I took what I had in my hand, paid and left. If I hadn't needed a gift bag at that very moment, I would have left with out anything. I can tell you this, because of the way I was made to feel, I will never walk into your store again. With or without my kids!

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Yeah, sure.You JUST HAD TO HAVE that gift bag, no matter that you were OFFENDED!!

If you were so upset with the store you would NOT have purchased anything from them.

You have it too easy and know absolutely nothing about what real offense is.Grow up.

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