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this week I went to your store and had quite a kart full to buy only to find out upon check that my disabled military discount is no longer honored. In fact i said to the clerk that thats one of the reasons I shop here.

She said to me that It was discriminating against minorities. she then said to me that would be glad to put my items back on the shelf. So I let her do just that.I dont believe I will use menards any longer for my home improvements.

And strongly recommend all disabled vets and military personel to do the same. This occured on the morning of 04/26/2011 in the am.

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Next time how about putting the NAME of the company on your complaint, it would help. ASSUMMING its Home Depot or Lowes they stopped giving VETS military discounts.

It was only meant for active duty military personnel. As for the cashiers attitude, if its true it was completely uncalled for and you should have complained to a manager.

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