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My niece had service with you but had to move out of town suddenly.

I contacted your customer service dept to have the service disconnected

and to return your equipment. I asked your representitive if you come pickup

your equipment. I asked when could you pick your equipment up, he said "I don't

know but we'll send a tech out when we can" I was concerned because the account was still

active, so I called customer service again and told them I would drop off your

equipment. On saturday June 23 I stopped by your center on Platt Springs Rd.

I turned your equipment in to your representitive and was given a receipt for the return.

I asked your representive if the account was closed, I was told it could not be closed by me

and that the account would remain active. I said that it would be illegal to be

charged for a service when you have accepted the equipment back that provided the

service. Your rep rolled their eyes and said it was timewarners policy. I called another rep and

again your rep clarified it is time warners policy. I believe your policy is a violation of consumer laws.

I want to get a clarification from time warner before I contact the appropriate agentcies, that time

warner has a policy whereby a customer will be charged for service even if the customer has returned

the equipment that provided the service and you have accepted return of said equipment and given receipt for it.

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Are you kidding? The CUSTOMER didn't return the equipment because YOU are not the CUSTOMER!!

I might have had my own issues with TWC, but their policy of not making changes or cancelling the service unless the account holder contacts them is one I have no problem with.

It was nice of you to return the equipment, but is your niece not capable of picking up the phone to cancel the service? Sorry, your complaint is kind of ridiculous.

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