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to whom it may concern,

this action to disallow our nations flag at your astablisment, is unpatriotic, and i will spread the word on facebook, email, anyway i can, not to dine at olive garden again, or until you rethink your decision.

and change it back to standing for what we are,proud americans, this is a cowardly act on your part. if you took a poll, i bet 95% of americans would be appauled at your decision.

and if that 95% are appauled, your business will quickly go down the tubes, and personaly, i think it will........SHAME ON YOU!!!

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I saw the article re: olive garden and the american flag. We don't go that often to olive garden restaurant, but we also now have no use for them.

Their excuse for not allowing the flag is spurious at best, and rather short-sighted at worst.

The american flag should ALWAYS be allowed and any other left up to the discretion of management. After all, we are americans and the americann flag is part of us.

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