I was interested in hypnosis as a way to quit smoking after hearing a story on NPR that the quit rates were higher for people who underwent hypnosis.

I looked around on the internet to find practioners in my area, and contacted several of them by phone. Dirk Patrick answered on the first call and talked to me about 10 minutes before telling me he had a opening that day, I told him I had to think about it and continue checking around. He quickly said that the other ones around weren't as good as him, he said their clients didn't quit smoking, and that they would not give you your money back. He then said he would give me my money back if I did not quit smoking, that was how confident he was.

That, of course, made me think well what have I got to lose?

The end result as you could guess is that I did not quit smoking or even have a lessened desire to do so. I basically paid $250 for a man to read a script to me in a darkened room.

When I contacted him 2 days later, he agreed to give me another appointment to try this again, which we made for a couple weeks later. That day came and it was a holiday weekend, and I left a message to confirm we still had an appointment.

1 and 1/2 hours later I left another message, he was still not answering. He did finally call me back, ten minutes after the appointment time, asking where I was. I explained I was not sure and I had left messages for him, and asked to reschedule. He said he was booked for the next six weeks. I told him well you can either make another appointment for me or just refund my money. At that point he denied having told me that, and that he would not give me my money back.

This guy is a shyster and if you deal with him get details in writing. I am planning on taking this to small claims court.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I'm trying to reach Dirk Patrick/Redlingshafer and I can't find him. Does anyone have his contact info?


Is this Dirk Redlingshafer aka Dirk Patrick?

to Anonymous #1318885



*** typos. In my first sentence I meant to say this...

Look, first of all, you really have to want to quit. And on that note, a hypnotherapist is not going to magically make you something you don't want to be.


Look, first of all, you really have to quit. I went to him for drinking.

Long story short, I was dry for 4 straight years. I drink responsibly now and know what Dirk is doing helps people. I'm sorry you feel the way you do and not everyone meshes with everyone.

If you asked me to testify to your words of assault on this man, I would tell you you're nuts and to suck up your bad experience and move forward with someone else you can work with. If you don't want to quit any pattern and you go to a hypnotist to make them make you quit, it won't work.


I smoked for 28 years - visited Dirk Patrick Sept 24 2009 and have not smoked since. You have to WANT to quit.


I smoked for 28 years - visited Dirk Patrick Sept 24 2009 and have not smoked since. You have to WANT to quit.


I am looking for Dirk Patrick so I can use his services. 2 people went to him and had a great experience. Now, I can't find him.

to Where are you Mission, Kansas, United States #712402

That's because that his not his real name....try dirk redlingshafer


1.2 years ago Dirk Helped me quit. Was the best decision I have ever made.

This "Anonymous" poster is full of ***. Dirk is extremely good at what he does!


This is phoney baloney because 3 people in my office went to this guy to stop smoking. They inspired me to give him a try too.

Dirk Patrick, Hypnotist, of Kansas City Hypnosis did a VERY GOOD JOB helping me quit smoking! I highly recommend him to any one looking for competency. He has been in business for over 20 years and I only found this one complaint which sounds ridiculous. Instead of his name the writer puts the city where Dirk Patrick offices.

Either the unnamed person complaining is doing a fake complaint (other hypnotism company or smoking cessation service defaming Dirk Patrick) or the complainer is a crack pot. If you look at accountable review services like Yahoo reviews or Google reviews Dirk Patrick is rated highly which makes me think it was placed by a competitor of Mr. Patrick's. He is a super professional and I'd feel that the price was excellent for the great & effective work he performed.

I don't smoke anymore. I called other hypnotherapists and most said the same thing. I tried ever thing in the book to stop smoking, but Dirk Patrick changed my life with hypnosis in his office.

I'm a nonsmoker! Larry Shawnee Mission KS

to Mission #1407363

I believe that all of you saying you had a great experience were probably paid to do so or are family of his.

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