i drove to three stores to look for dill pickle chips and none had them . i looked online and it showed that the three stores had them .

i was very upset when i drove to the stores to find out they didn't have any . i think it was rude of them to post something that was not at the stores listed. im am very very very very pissed .

i love these chips and it made me upset not to be able to get them and go eat these wonderful chips. all i can say is why would u do that to us customers

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41612

Well perhaps it is a good thing they did not have the chips. I am sure if you ate a package and spoiled your supper your parents would have been very upset.

Your mother probably made a good healthy meal for you and you should not be ruining it by eating chips.

They will take away your allowence if you did. They are just potato chips get over it.


Maybe they were just out of stock. Maybe you should call next time before you drive all over

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