SURF CITY hearing aids, the Brand doesn]t yet exist, but it could, and probably will. Any Hearing Aid Dispenser,whatever title they use, is someone that sells hearing aids.Anybody can form a Company for the purpose of selling hearing aids. But they usually have to employ licensed (by the State) hearing aid dispensers to test,sell,and fit, any type of hearing aid.The Company that buys the hearing aids from the Manufacturers (actually assemblers) pay the sales tax on the products,including batteries,and then adds such cost to the cost of the product,and then enjoys a mark-up on the sales tax. The Consumer thinks he is not paying State Sales Tax,and for political purposes everyone is happy.Another concealed,built-in tax.

The problem with buying hearing aids, such as SURF CITY HEARING AIDS, is that the only one that knows whats inside the hearing aids, are the employees of SURF CITY HEARING AIDS.No other hearing aid Dealer in the World can service such hearing aids. The reason is because the hearing aids are programmable, either analog or digital.Propriety software is required, through the use of a computer, to adjust and program such hearing aids. Although there is nothing unique inside the hearing aids, the microphones and receiver, are the same as anyone else,the micro-processor (chip) is the secret key.Also specific attachment wires and cables,etc,are needed to connect to the hearing aids and computer.Since the propriety software is usually required in the repair of such hearing aids, no other hearing aid dealer would know what hardware to use. If such hearing aids were provided any warranty,and no one is required to provide any warranty of any type, SURF CITY is the only Company that would honor or execute such warranty.Being the only repair and warranty source, SURF CITY could charage whatever they want for any of their provisions or repair services. Buyer Beware.Why would anyone knowingly buy such a product. Because they are not aware of such disadvantages,and they are certainly not informed of them. Such a Dealer,as SURF CITY,or any other private label,or franchished or restricted label,such as Beltone,Miracle-Ear,NuEar,Audibel,Sonus,HearX,etc,are free to do anything they want, and charge whatever they want, because they have no competition, once the hearing aid is sold.

There are a lot of advantages to such Dealers. No Consumer can compare prices on the Products. There is no advantage to the Consumer in buying a Private or Restricted Branded Product.None. Only the Dealer benefits. In most cases these products are sold at higher prices to the Consumer than comparable public traded brands.And who knows whats inside the hearing aids?

The Mystery of buying a hearing aid. All hearing aids look alike on the outside. The shell or case of any hearing aid by a certain Manufacturer is the same within their product line.A marketing name is attached to what is called "Entry Level", "Mid-Range","Premium",or whatever. Who knows what that means other than the Manufacturer and their Dealers. The Consumer has no idea as to the differences,or of whats inside the hearing aid and how it compares to other makes or brands.There are no standards in the Industry. You could be buying an Escort and paying for a Lincoln. Who knows?

Someone created an expression, so long ago that it was written only in Latin. The expression is:Caveat Emptor. In English it means BUYER BEWARE'

It has been written: The love of money, is the root of all evil.

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