i defaulted on a financing deal. i finally had the money to pay it off as soon as my tax return came in i called to settle on my account and they had already filed to garnish my wages, but i was told i could pay it off and so i made an arrangement for a one time settlement payment. I was told where to send it ect. and it needed to be there within 4 days. I priority mailed it.

In the meantime, Deby the lady i was working with called my employers because they did not garnish my wages right away, she threatened my secratary, upset everyone she talked to and kept calling me saying i did not send the payment. I called and spoke to others at the company and they said it is probably in the rementance department and it takes some time to post.

Now after 8 days the check cleared my bank account, yet Deby says there has been no payment posted and wants it paid, will not return phone calls and acts like a complete *** and is still trying to garnish my wages!! How does an envelope with attention Deby with a check in it never make it to her hands, yet get cashed by her company, and have no record of you paying it off, then harass you on making a payment or your employers for garnishing your wages, Get your stuff together, understand the ways your company works and pull your head out of your butt.

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