Diet patch charged me $1.00 for a 14 day trial of their product.After the 14 day trial they charged me $89.97 for a month of the product, even though I only signed up for the trial.

They said it was in the terms and conditions but I did not see anything about the $89.97 charge while I was reading the terms and conditions. I called to speak with a representative but they refused to refund me and said that I had been sent a months worth of product for the 89.97 charge. A month passes and I never received the product so I call again to ask for my refund. I spoke with Mary Lou and she said she could not give me a refund.

I asked to speak with a supervisor, but Mary Lou claimed that there was none on the call floor. I threatened to report Diet Patch as a scam;that was when Mary Lou said that she could refund me 50% within 24 business hours and would give the other 50% back after I went to the post office and returned the product. On top of the lack of customer service the areas where I applied the patch started to ache like growing pains and I had a headache.


Monetary Loss: $89.


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I need a working number for diet patch.Anyone have one?

mvcody@cox.net.It's a scam!!!

to Anonymous #1113307

NUTRO HEALTH 888-895-6205

to Anonymous #1174549


Jackson Heights, New York, United States #928756

I got a call from the people selling this product.I was told that 14 days was free but the shipping was 9.95 and then 69.95 for a month after the free 2 weeks.

When I told the girl that I was not interested she kept pushing and insisting.

When I finally asked her why she was not hearing me when I said that I AM NOT INTERESTED; she told me to "enjoy my fat and slammed the phone down on me.

All these people are scams - the phone calls sound like they are coming from outside the country.Everyone should really be careful and watch out what you might be getting yourself into!

to Anonymous #1072525

are you enjoying your fat

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