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took my wifes car in cause itn had a miss they said it was trhe fuel pump she goes and gets it doesnt even make it out of the parking lot its not the fuel pump its the distributert but they charge me 435.00 for the fuel pump and then another 532 for the distributor got screwed because they messed up this is the 2nd time first time replaced motoir mount and 6 months later it failerd due to bad part but i had to pay them 300 again to replace it i guess every 6 months it cost you 300.00 to replace a part that is suppose to last for 5 years

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find another place to get your car serviced.. the garage you use is only as good as the people they pay..

I found this out.. I used to work on my own until my back went bad had a mechanic i swore by but he was ready to retire and i had to find a new garage.. found out that if you arent willing to pay for a good mechanic you get drugies and alcoholics working on your vehcile and that causes problems with poor quality work and or poor diagnosis.. find out who others take their vehciles to and stay with word of mouth reputations..

make sure you have the same make vehicle too as some places like to work on foreign and others prefer american made vehicles.. some even get so particular as to not like working on chevy's or Ford or honda or toyota.. if they cant figure that all cars are basic then there is a problem.. since all cars are basically created equal..

they all have the basic functions.. the only difference is the way they are designed..

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