Do not use this company! Not only was their price hundreds of dollars over our final quote, but they didn't bring a truck big enough to move everything, they broke stuff, and the entire process turned out into a literal nightmare.

We specifically told them how many rooms and the furniture that was in them and the size of the house (we have moved with another moving company in the past and was familiar with the process), and the truck they brought the day of the move (hours late) did not fit close to 40% of the house. There were entire bedrooms they did not touch, neither a garage (which we did originally say EVERYTHING had to go) as well as closets and more furniture that had to get left behind. They ran out of their boxes (which we paid for) and began dumping boxes out of the garage with mice *** to pack whatever they could fit from inside the kitchen! Including china and crystal, which they also broke.

They didn't tell us the final cost would be hundreds of dollars more until after the truck was fully packed (again with out completing the job), and we were trapped with having to pay it otherwise the driver let us know we couldn't get our stuff back. And by the way, if we wanted the stuff we had to "get where it was going safely", then they need at least a $400 tip! When we brought up these issues to their customer relations department, we got nothing. We called the highest person in charge we could and got nothing for help.

It was a complete nightmare. The biggest issue being that not everything was even moved! The move was from southern CA to northern CA, so of course it cost us even more money to rent a U haul truck to get back down to the house and get the rest of the stuff, which we should not have ad to do. We felt completely taken advantage of and ripped off.

I would tell everyone to NOT use this company EVER!

I have photos if you need to see! Linda "helped" me with this move...do not use this company!

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