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I went to write a check that was refused with more than ample funds and when I called this flakey outfit, it boiled down to the fact they didn't like my check, nothing in detail, they just didn't like it. I called my bank and they can't believe it either.

This is defamation of character towards myself as there was no reason for this treatment of myself. It was embarrassing and humiliating and they shouldn't be allowed to be the check nazi's.

They should have to justify these bad actions and be responsible when they don't know what they are talking about.

They need to be put out of business.

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Simpson, England, United Kingdom #51849

There are NO laws anywhere in any state that says a business has to take a check from anybody for any purchase.

That is why DEBIT cards are used so much today and if you have a checking account you probably have a debit card as well, if not get one

You throw around the term defamination of character like you actually know what you are talking about. You need to read what that term means

They do not have to justify anything to you or anybody else, If they elect not to take a check, that is their business.

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