Why was i discriminated is my question?I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions that were faxed over. The doctor recommended that i also purchase Robitussin to help with my cough.

I had a bacterial and viral infection and a 102.7 temperature at the time of my visit.

the lady at the counter needed to see my ID because of the Robitussin.

When the lady went to swipe my card the reader on the register would not take it.

She looked at my license and and there is a crease in it and she told the pharmacist, i need you to override this one also. It is broken," just like the last one." The pharmacist said, i do not think we should be overriding these, call so and so. Well that person did not pick and she told the pharmacist and again she said, I do not think we should be overriding these. Mind you i have been going to this pharmacy for years, all my information is there, my license has my picture on it and I was not a new customer.

I did not feel well and did not feel like confronting the store manager. I asked them to take it off my bill and that i would just cough all night.

i called the store manager the next night and she said she was sorry and would hope that i would come back. The store manager could not verify anything on a BROKEN license!!

My issue is that the pharmacist had overridden the customer before me but would not do it for me.

Store policy should be consistent and it was not in this case.

I will not shop at the pharmacy or at the store any more.

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