I went into the Eastvale Ca. store and was shopping for a plasma TV.

I found the one I liked( Samsung 51" 3d ready) and asked the sales person a few questions about the TV. The main question was if it came with 3D glasses and his reply was Yes it came with 2 pairs. I told him I would be in the next day to purchase it along with the samsung 3D blu ray DVD player. I came in the next day and couldn't find the sales person that I had talked to the previous day and was waited on by the dept supervisor (Chris ) Before I purchased the TV I also asked him if it came with the glasses and his reply was yes and he asked me if I would be interested in purchasing any extra glasses and I said not at this time.

I ended up buying the TV , power cord,Blu Ray player ,extended warranty,and cables. total price was around $ 1,500.00. when I was able to set the TV up the next day I discovered there were no 3D glasses. I promptly went back to the store to get my 3D glasses .

the sales person ( Chris ) was not in that day and I was told that I needed to talk to Him since He was the dept supervisor , I gave them my Phone Number and sales receipt . I was told they would contact me ASAP ,that they were out of the glasses at this time. I have to date not heard any thing from them, this has been 4 weeks. I hope this is not how they treat all their customers.

I will definitely not ever purchase anything from BEST BUY again. I was in the market for A new PC ,and speakers but have now purchased elsewhere .( $900.00)

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