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PLEASE reply ASAP... My name is Ida McClelland rear 304 Park Ave.

E.C. Pa. 16117 I never recieved my netbook only the internet mateial. I do not have a pc, i only got this due 2 the promotion of the netbook 2 the time of installation>.

I have yet 2 recieve any bills? All the above was 2b sent 2 my daughter Donna Marsano @ 404 line ave. E.C. Pa.

16117 2 insure delivery!! Either i soon!! get this or i am changing my service, this is unfair! Only reason 4 the bundle was due 2 this netbook please reply @ dk8153@verizon.net and or # 7247584238 s 2 what I m 2 do @ this point...

I will wait 5 more business if I get no reply this contract will hqve 2b cancelled, bad enough i had 2 wait over 10 days 2 get phone service NOW THIS , this is not fair nor is it any way 2 run promotions!!!

Thank you,

Ida McClelland

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Please delete this material, my aunt ida passed away, this is very disrespectable...

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