I brought my car in for service last week,to check the engine light, They charged me 504.00 to fix my car, i sat there for 3 hours,they had to order the part and told me they would finish my car monday, then it was tuesday, then they were to call me tuesday. They did not so I called them Wednesday.

They then told me they recieved the wrong part and would call, when the right part came in. Thursday afternoon they called and said the part came in, I told them I could not come back till Monday morning.Monday at 7 am I went in and the man at the counter didnt know anything, I showed him my reciept so he would know what to do. Nothing but rudeness from him . He said angelo wasnt working and didnt know where the part was.

I guess the employees take them home. please, told me he cant help me . And he didnt tell me to come in . Terrible attitude and custmer service.

If I hadnt payed for it I would go elsewhere. So now I still dont have my car fixed. I think the mans name is john he is balded and about 30yers of age, I am gonna call the manager also I will never go there again. Right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

Lack of communacation...

Displeased patron. .

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