On, June 9th, 2011, I sent my Disabled brother a,(Viet Nam Veteran) a present for his Scooter,because he can not walk for any distance. I did not have his complete street address.

I sent the package without the number of his home on it. I put the street etc.I received it back in my Post Office, June 24th with postage due of, $5.34, what I paid to ship it to him in the first place or I couldn't get it back.I don't believe that I should have had to pay the additional fee. I would really like to have someone explain to me why the package could not have been delivered. There are not to many, Donald S.

Faniglula's on Tether Street in Spring Hill, Florida 34608. Would Really like someone explain this to me.I along with two more brothers am a, Viet Nam Veteran

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