sherri manfredi

wrongly accusing diana peters/death row dog rescue of being a scam

1st of Nov, 2011 by TELLTHETRUTH

This disgruntled employee/volunteer has wrongly been accusing Diana Peters and death row dog rescue of being a "scam". Sherri and Joe Manfredi are experts at "scams".... They are two unemployed deviants living with their poor nine year old daughter in a tiny hotel room and scamming good people out of money. Sherri is a morbidly obese 380 pound woman and feeds her child the most horrible food ensuring that she will follow the same miserable life as her mother. Joe was just released from prison for strong arm robbery and they are waiting for some "scam" workmans comp check to come in so they can move to texas and start a new life there.

They met this lady DIana while she was staying at this hotel. They use their daughter to borrow money, clothes,food, wine, you name it! When they wanted to move in with her in her new home, Diana said no and that is when this rein of terror began. They are both home all day, all have new ipads and iphones and yet they live off welfare and do nothing but post lies all day on the internet.

They stole DIanas telehone book, hacked her computer and starting calling everyone telling them lies. When you rescue dogs from Animal Services, many of them have parvo, if fact there is an epedemic right now and few survive this. A few months ago some puppies were recieved and had obviuosly signs, they had been to the vet and the vet wanted to eurthenize them right there on the spot. Diana decided to give them a fighting chance and take them home and administer the medicine in a quiet familiar place rather than a cold noisy animal hospital. The vet even came our in person and helped with them. Unfortunately they died and somehow Iana is to blame? Diana cried for days over this and Sherri has turned it around to make it her fault. What fantasy land is she living in? Puppies that have no immunity, are given all their shots in one day, have kennel cough and then are spayed and neutered in the same day are at very hight risk for death. Diana is the ONLY one to take these high risk dogs and now this woman because of SPITE wants to end a four year crusade that has helped thousands of dogs. They have 24,500 fans and the same few people are posting these same old complaints over and over.


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Hey Diane I am a victim of yours...YOu would not take a check or credit card... You ma'am are liar...YOu may have a corporation....But you are not a 501C3 corp the irs has no records...and the Department od state div of corp. does nt have a certrificate saying you are 501c3 corp.


Diana, please save your lies and rants for when you're sober. Your grammar, punctuation and spelling is atrocious on a normal basis, but when you're drunk, it's ten times worse!! Oh, and atrocious means "BAD".

Sherri M.


My my Diana Peters such a professional aren't we? slander and lies ... for anyone who wants to know the real Diana Peters just do your homework. She is a scammer... a *** woman who endangers dogs, scams money and spreads slander and malice against anyone who has the balls to tell the truth and not back down from her. Unless you have proof of all the b.s. you spread online about me and my family... you should really stick the the facts and answer what was reported about you. You are quite entertaining with your wild stories of who we are. #1 the only one who has used my child is YOU.. slandering an 8 yr old and posting her picture and name on facebook, and ripoff report and other places... is ridiculous. not only that liar Peters it is a FELONY and one you will be prosecuted for. as you continue to spread your lies and slander you only show your ill intent to victimize my child. shame on you. You are a sick woman and the only thing I ever did wrong was believe you and help you for so long! what an *** huh???! I don't know what the "f" you are talking about the only scammer is you. get your facts straight OK. my husband is not unemployed... never was when you knew him. I am a stay at home Mom, who volunteers ...and if that makes me a deviant for sacraficing things so I can be with my girl.... then OK if you say so. not that it is anyones business but my child is 8 yrs old, I don't live in a tiny hotel room (once again you don't know what you are talking about) but yes I did over the summer it was not that small it had a full kitchen.. and plenty of room. would that be the same hotel you sold dogs out of with your daughter sonia? why is it tiny for us... but plenty of room for you? why don't you tell people how you trashed that hotel room .. sleeping in dog urine... and agast when your 40's daughter didn't want to and chose to wash them. Ewwww... that is disgusting, unsanitary and downright nasty.

Please worry about yourself Diana and stop name calling. I feed my child alot healthier food than i saw you eating. what friggin vegetarian eats no veggies,fruits, or legumes? Diana Peters... she hides chips and cookies in her bedroom... wow that is so nutritious. Please... wine, cigarettes and cookies is not a healthy life style.. OH that is right... it is when you mix your 3 bottles a day of wine with OJ. I don't need advice from an alcoholic who hits the dogs in her care with her plastic bleach bottles full of rocks... her "no no jug" she calls it. Have you ever heard you shouldn't throw stones in a glass house????? my life is far from miserable,I am very happy with the life I lead, my values, the volunteer work I do, the example I set for my child not to be bullied by a monster like you. don't you worry about me, ok?

you live in a small 2 br/1 bath rental home... why would anyone want to live with a dirty person like you? dog *** and urine all over the house..ticks everywhere, disgusting counters in your kitchen ... do not flatter yourself. I am not sure that you could pay someone to live with the likes of you. a psycho nasty alcholic who spends her time bashing people who helped her. Who's phone did you use Diana this summer for two months? OURS ... did you pay the bill? NO who's computer did you use this summer Diana??? OURS...and when i needed it back because you were using it to fraudulently solicit donations on facebook using a dog and puppies 8 hrs away in Chipley FL saying you had them in boarding... that makes me a deviant? huh? wow. every weekend I did adoption events, yard sales, everyday i help you .. and this is your thanks? whatever..you are just a nasty ungrateful person who uses everyone and everything for your gain. grow a conscience Diana and get real ok?

gee Sorry.. after catching you thieving innocent people and hurting a shelter I could no longer be associated with the likes of you! unlike yourself I have morals and values and actually like other people and not for what they can do for me... How is my husband home all day when he is at work??? hmmmm.... I don't live on welfare, you are really conflicting yourself. and if someone gets hurt at work and separates their clavical please do tell me how that is a scam? he was out a short time and still employed. and being employed would not be elidgible for welfare. but of course a scam artist like you would not understand the way the real world works. Personally I do not wish a workers comp injury on anyone... its a hassle and delays in care due to having to wait for an insurance company to ok it and assign a specialist is not fun. but sometimes things happen, and you make the best of it and move on...It's called life. sadly no IPADs or I phones.. though they both look pretty cool. we do have a laptop computer that is 2 yrs old, and a desktop computer 2 yrs old... but no I anythings...

but I don't judge those that do have them... hey if they can afford them... and like them ... thats ok with me. You are an *** truly... Joe was not just released from prison. and never went to prison for strong armed robbery. unlike you his past he put behind him ... so again its just words. Not anything he hides from anyone. You could take a lesson from him here and learn from your mistakes!!!!! just because you can type this trash doesn't make it true. I would love you to prove anything you go on and on and on about.

and anyway Diana, what exactly does my family have to do with anything? I am not a business, i do not sell, distribute or represent a product... really I am blasted on here for what exposing a FRAUD ? If you weren't one you could simply prove me wrong and move on. LOL ok... lie about me all you want... it is just words. do you think if you slander me it will erase the truth of your sham? wow how does that work? you have openly admitted you live off of donations. you are not properly registered with the state of florida to solicit funds ... FUNNY everything I say about you I can prove or anyone can research themself and get the same answer. ITS PUBLIC RECORD Diana. and the rest you put out there on your facebook page, on your websites. NO one is stopping you from helping a dog. YOU CAN'T PULL a dog from death row. why is that Diana? OH YEAH you are banned from shelters all over florida... because you are an irresponsible greedy woman who puts dogs health at risk... you do not properly quarantine and vet rescues.

it's not spite Diana.. it's standing up for the voiceless dogs you bury in the yards of your rental homes. for those dogs made to suffer long painful deaths, because you like to play vet. You are an embarrassment to the local rescue community. you have been caught time and time again . give it up Diana.. you only make yourself look bad when you irrationally keep attacking everyone. I guess i should be flattered... does this mean that I know the true you? YOU will be exposed for your neglect and illegal activity. PERIOD. bully me all you want Diana...its just words. your threats didn't stop us, your cohorts threats didn't stop us... I will speak the truth and i will back it up over and over and over again. please visit facebook death row dog rescue is a scam and see the group of ex adopters, ex volunteers, and other concerned citizens that want a stop to what she is doing. google her name and death row dog rescue and see what everyone says about her. they all can't be wrong?

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