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I got engaged on Christmas of 2011.The ring is gorgeous, three main stone setting with accent diamonds around those and three on either side of the band.

I know quite a bit about diamonds, and know that with the mount I have, wearing it daily can cause damage quickly. So, I never wear it when I clean the kitchen or cook or workout with my fiancé or even when we work on his truck. I use to clean it once a week to ensure that no build up got into the mounts and knocke the stones loose.

After 3 moths, one of the larger side stones disappeared.

I freaked out, assuming that I'd knocked it in something. My fiancé came home from deployment and we took it in to replace the missing stone. I'll compliment their customer service as the manager apologized profusely and assured that my ring would be returned in perfect condition. Well, when it returned, the main stone was cloudier than the original.

I knew this and even brought it to their attention, but get shrugged it off.

Not even 7 weeks after having the stone replaced, I went in for a quick pro-clean and the lady informs me that a stone fell out during the cleaning and several others are loose.

They are acknowledging their mistake and replacing my entire ring for free, but I can't help but feel suspicious that this is goin to keep occurring...How can I ensure my ring's settings will be kept in perfect order???

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