I worked for these people and they pretty much treat me like a slave, they owe me over $1,000 in unpaid wages, as well as reimbursement for mileage, referral bonuses for Customers and for referring the Current District Manager ( Courtney C) to them. I did so much driving for these people my car broke broke down.

They fired me and other people, keeping only the people they are sleeping with. I notice that they started turning on me when I told them I'm sorry but I am straight I am not attracted to Women. People should not have to result to prostitution to assure that they are going to get paid.

Monetary Loss: $1106.

  • Devekia Wells
  • Safe Guard Tax Services
  • Ambrose Investments
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Benedict, North Dakota, United States #1237286

One more thing, this is a criminal and civil matter. Criminal- due to wage theft which is against the law.

Civil- being that it is discrimination which falls under EEOC and Civil Rights Act of 1964 which falls under Federal Law. I would still pursue criminal charges and file a Federal Civil Suit. I would file as many complaints against them as listed below.

This is your right to do so! Good Luck!

Benedict, North Dakota, United States #1237285

This is called wage theft and one can sue in small claims court. This happens more often and most people let employers get away with it.

Don't let them get away with it. I would also file a complaint with the EEOC. This depends on the statute of limitations. I think that you may have 180 days to file with the EEOC which is the Equal Opportunity Commission.

I would also file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights. You can also file a complaint with ripoffreport.com.

One can hire attorney and if choose to hire an attorney ask if he/she operates on a contingency basis. This could be a Federal matter because it involves United States Code which is Federal Law.

A Right Not Excercised Is A Right That Is Lost-anonymous quote

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1207128

There are sex harrassment laws that you can use to protect yourself from this stuff. Its pretty simple to find a lawyer to take a case like this pro bono.

They get paid when the case settles, and it will settle. Sue these jerks!


Based on a complaint I found elsewhere on the internet, may I assume the company name is Safeguard Tax Service /Ambrose Investments?????


ghetto gangster dykes? Run Away.

Springfield, Missouri, United States #947127

What is the company?

Arlington, Texas, United States #938575

I am an current employee their. I am on the *** of being fired.

I have noticed that also. They rip off the customer s and employees

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #915464

What did you expect working for two amoral wannabe gangsta dykes?


Those are some manly looking skanks

Key West, Florida, United States #898332

You right about that! Too bad you didn't have a microphone or camera in them dreads catchin' all that juice and puttin' dem biiitches away!


Check out Dee's mugshot too bad you didn't see this before. http://mugshots.com/US-Counties/Georgia/DeKalb-County-GA/Devekia-Laquis-Wells.5097027.html

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