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That infamous Swedish furniture store, at its Birmingham (UK) branch...

I went shopping at the Birmingham store on Tuesday this week (24/11/09). After a long wait at the tills I found that their staff were detaining people for random security checks immediately after customers gone through the till.

They re-checked every item against your receipt. Several people complained but they would not them go till they had finished and were very rude to customers who complained. The woman called me '***' for complaining and called over a uniformed security guard when I objected to the search. They were completely uninterested in the customers views and even laughed when I and others siad we would complain to their head office.

As well as rubbish customer relations I suspect their behaviour amounts to false arrest and unlawful detention. I really hope someone takes them to court for this.

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Grimsby, England, United Kingdom #90142

I think random receipt checks are NOT mandatory and cannot be reinforced unless it is part of some contract you have signed (such as Costco - you must be a member to shop there and sign some document stating you agree to have your cart checked at the door) So no, IKEA can't stop you and detain you unless you personally agree to let them check.

As far as I know that's how it is, I could be wrong

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