My husband and i wanted to have a nice anniversary weekend in Joshua tree. we booked 2 nights there last march. My husband go called on business over a week before we were scheduled to stay there and when i called o cancel Carrie Yeager, the owner, told me they charge you in full if you cancel within TWO WEEKS of the day you arrive. This was news o me but apparently, IF YOU SEARCH HER WEBSITE you would find the cancellation policy. I was shocked since she didn't verbalize that when i booked the stay. She then told me i could reschedule our visit when i was ready. I thanked her.

When i tried to reschedule she was very rude and told me she would be charging me AGAIN. I asked her why she was being so hostile and she said "never mind, i will refund your money". When i asked for a way to reference the transaction (didn't know her last name at the time) she hung up on me. She has since refused to reschedule (not that we would EVER go there) but she also refused to refund even half our money. In addition she was verbally abusive (Specifically referring to my children and my husband). I am mortified and I have to assume we all have bad days and i happened to be on the receiving end of hers when this happened.

I CAUTION YOU: find any other place to stay. avoid her charges and verbal assault. she would rather take your money than work for it by having you as a guest.

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