1800 Dentist - Dentist did not listen to what I said and resulted in me having to have my dentures remade.

Dr. Bhumika Patel insisted on changing my *** so she made a mold of my mouth.

She told me to push my jaw forward then she adjusted the mold. After it was out of my mouth I asked why she had me push my jaw forward and she said to adjust my ***. I told her I did not want my *** changed. she said that my *** changed and I didn't realize it.

I told her no, that I have had the same *** all my life. when my mouth is closed my bottom teeth went behind my top teeth to the point of not seeing my bottom teeth at all. Over ***. I kept telling her that I did not want my *** change and she just didn't listen.

As a result after having all my teeth pulled and getting the dentures the bottom denture did not fit. When I went back to her for adjustments she said I just wasn't use to it. I have to wear them a few hours at a time to get used to them. I knew she was still not listening.

I went to another dentist and asked if she could fix the bottom dentures. After looking at them in my mouth and measuring my mouth with them out, the new dentist determined the denture was too big for my mouth and too far forward. I now have to pay for a new bottom denture since Dr. Patel already claimed the charges on my insurance.

I would not recommend her to anyone. It is very frustrating when a doctor or anyone for that matter doesn't listen to what you say.

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Reason of review
Poor customer service
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