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My husband was denied coverage for Allergy injections he had been taking for 6 years. They placed a rider on the policy and went up $200.00 more dollars making the premium $700.00 a month.

He recently had to go to the emergency room because his eyes were so swollen and he was having trouble breathing due to the pollen. Does it make sense to deny something so simple as allery shots they may cost $100.00 for the serum and maybe $20.00 for the injection instead of running up an emergency room bill because he can't get his allergy shots. Help President Obama, the insurance companies are not thinking preventively and smart about preventing problems and reducing costs.

I am a ICU/Emergency room nurse and I get how things work in healthcare but this is just ***!!!! :(

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Time to get another health insurance carrier. Why would you ask the Great Pretender for help anyway?? He is much too busy golfing and seeting the Middle East on fire.

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