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I don't have a complaint with the food or services,its great,but one thing is delivery charge I give 3 dollars tip to the drive and 2 dollars to the companty total of 5 dollars come on.I don'tlike how workers forget to mention this charge they just add it until the end .if I order more than 20 $ delivery should be free or something I don't mind given tip ,which I always do ,but fact I have dommios company a tip also is ridicules ....they are screwing people......... well that my complain.am I Jeff do u guys report this to the irs

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Where I live all the delivery places have a delivery fee. I don't think this is right, either, and if they are going to charge a delivery fee, that should be counted as the driver's tip.

There is one place here, that has their own delivery vehicles, and being the delivery person doesn't have to use their own vehicles, I question tipping them.

I have always felt the tip helped pay for the gas the driver uses. So far I have been tipping the driver when they use a company vehicle, but am debating with myself on quitting and just paying the delivery fee.

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