I watched you people with a sick lack of self esteem yelling and cursing at servers, throwing clothes at store clerks, picking up steaks and leaving them on the counters in the toy department at the same time when your little brat opens the packages and plays with them because you sick a *** tell them to go and play while mommy shops. I am retired now and we could never say anything or risk our jobs, so we I see YOU eating the grapes or rude to an employee I am going to tell you to stop or I am going to kick the snot out of you. Our people do not need to listen to your childish *** and now I get to yell back-just wait...

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woooo i hate customers who think they deserve the best treatment because they think they are better then us. sorry but i leave in the real world and just because we work in retail doesnt mean we are idiots just that we want to earn money to get nice stuff


You "rose" through the ranks uh?

You said, "I am retired now" but now you work? oh by retired did you mean collecting unemployment? LOL

Your sad, thanks for making me feel better about my life. Get an education, and rise above dealing with pissed off customers.. Your nothing but a corporate *** and deserve to be treated bad by your company and the customers.


Look you lazy left wing nut liberal that cannot read into a statement correctly. I am a middle manager for a drug store chain and I rose through the ranks to where I am today putting up with *** like you.

This comment is for the staff that has to put up with corn holes like you that think they own the place since they spend a few bucks on generic aspirin and cut a few coupons for a dollar off. An entire department is in place because of false lawsuits and fake unemployment claims due to ignorant slobs like you. How many lawsuits have you been involved in? I can tell you, many.

Cracked the chair at Kentucky Fried Chicken after devouring a bucket slim guy? Then you sue the franchise cause your fat *** breaks the chair and rolls over on your gravy eating face.

Chairs are not made for fat wild beasts like you and the wife right? Try being nice when you leave the trailer in the morning on your way to the unemployment line.


Wow, is someone bitter they had to work low paying customer service jobs their whole life? Maybe you should have done more with your life?

Fact is that underpaid idiots like you are there for us the customer where our dollars give you a job. And you better do it with a freakin' smile on your face or i'll take my business to somone who isn't stuck in a dead end job and is going somewhere in life.


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