I work for a large department store and I am merely a holiday worker. I must say one thing, just because consumers are the customers and we are supposed to kiss their *** to save our jobs, does not mean you can come in and be a total *** to us without cause.

I had a customer that I was trying to help find a jacket that had no tags, no nothing ... so i was going on nothing here. The garment was soiled and we had no others in stock (that I could see) and I tried to convince the customer to not buy it because who wants to buy dirty clothes? They insisted on buying it but said she would wait for another one if one could be found, this is after she was told we had none left.

Trying to appease this customer's displeasure, I had an associate from merchandising help her find another one, well after 20 mins, the associate didn't return. The customer took our names and stormed off. The associate came back about 2 mins afterwards and confirmed we had none left. Now, we were going off NOTHING, no tags, no info, nothing and still being polite and trying to help, but after all was said and done, she accused us of bad customer service and threatened to report the actions to management.

Don't be like this - because you may not always get a nice associate, you might just get the finger. Merry Christmas!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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