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I have used publix in sebring fla north. while I was talking to Barb about my eye drops this person .

said if you want another box of eye drops you will pay another 8 dollars. I wasnt talking to her and she was rude in her voice while other customers were behind me.. there was a mix up in a new perscription which Barb knew was wrong. dated 10-21-11.

my old perscription dated 8-16-11 was right.in eye drops you may miss a drop or by the end of the bottle is fommy.Debbie was also rude to my daughter and the superivor of my aarp drug co.I talked to the asst. mgr and he said he would talk to debbie. he also asked me to give public another chance and I said if you take care of the problem.. I am a 70yr old granny and in all my years this hasnt happened.

I fell the people should have more respect for their customers... I dont know if I will ever go back into this store..

thank you for listening to me and please take care of this problem...Rosie Earp.. 863-699-2248......

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I am sorry about this. You need to go higher than Debbies Manager.

Go to the General and DIstrict Managers, and if You STILL have not received an apology, write an email to Pulic HQ, (leave an e-trail) AND a Formal Letter (leave a PAPER trail) I would love to type it for you! With so many people out of work and the way these people treat us is horrible! The pen is mightier than the sword, and its great to come here to fume.

What Store number? Location?

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