Dean Parker is a theif who lies cheats and steals! He stole from polo towers and westgate,he imbeZZeld!he is *** trash buyers beware!

He's now on the road,becAuse noone will hire him and begging for jamdputs at the carriage house!he is a drug addict, beware!He is public record for the crimes and lawsuites against him he is a liar he promises to rent your te share and that it's worth 100,000,000 dollars.....

He has every *** around him he will steale from you Dean Parker is a Thief! Beware do not give Jim your SS.snumbers!

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #782938

Wow...What a bunch of NONSENSE this posting is! I worked for Dean Parker in Las Vegas for almost 10 years.

I dont know who this "kook" is but this posting is clearly slanderous and not rooted in reality from what I know to be true. Mr. Parker was our VP at Westgate and before that at Diamond Resorts and treated us like gold. I have NEVER seen better leadership nor made MORE money than working for him.

I am not sure how he would put up with such a slanderous post as this unless there is no recourse to come back with it. Glad to know he where he is now as I heard he was working internationally recently. Whoever is in MB would do well do join his team if things are the same as when I worked for him at Diamond Resorts Polo Towers for over 4 years. We had a great time and got sold to Marriott who I am still with today thanks to him.

WHO ARE YOU...and WHY would you post such things about a highly respected executive as Mr. Parker? Are you crazy? I see this is from several years ago and you have no name...WHY?

I will leave you my mane...why wont you leave YOURS???


I live in Myrtle Beach and had not heard that Mr. Parker was here.

I worked with him in Las Vegas when he was the VP of Sales for Wyndham over 10 years ago I recollect. I am now at Wyndham in MB as an Inhouse sales manager where I have been for the last 5 years.

I dont know who may have posted such a review on Mr. Parker, but from my recollection and opinion of him it is clearly not rooted in the reality that I have of my 3 years working with him.

It is a shame that just anyone can apparently go online and post anything about anyone with no repercussions. Although I certainly did not know him well all of my memories were very positive and I recall that I learned much about sales from his meetings and training. He was always very friendly with the sales team. I do know that he was with Wyndham for many years (I have been here for over 12 years) and was very well liked and certainly respected.

This nonsense MUST have been written by the competition in Myrtle Beach!

Anyway welcome to MB sir. Although I am not familiar with Plantation Resort (beyond knowing where it is),I am certain you will have no problem recruiting folks if you lead as I recall you doing in Las Vegas. I will stop in and say hello...I hope you remember me!

Good luck to you (if you see this).


We need more info he is in Myrtle Beach NOW!

to SS Conway, South Carolina, United States #781183

I dont know who this is that would post such things about a man that I have known and worked for for over 10 years. But Dean Parker was always known as a man of integrity and one of the few leaders who treated sales folks (like me) with great respect, and was very inspirational.

As I remember he and his wife adopted two or three at risk children and has raised them since birth. So how can you say such a thing about a good man like that?? I have not worked with him for several years but have fond memories of the time I worked for him at Westgate in Las Vegas. So whoever you are (you clearly cant spell) you should get a life as opposed to posting "anonymous" *** as you did.

Get a life and crawl back into that rock you climbed out of. Whats worong...did you get fired or something?

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #780147

who is Jim?


He just started at plantation resort in myrtle beach as the president of sales and marketing. Just FYI

to Criscarter Columbia, South Carolina, United States #780140

need to know more info about this guy very scary person ...he sure knows how to talk but as i can see this person is a very dangeous man and a bs artist how can i talk to someone about facts on this man need facts on this man asap

to meme Columbia, South Carolina, United States #780143

please give us more info or where we can find info on Dean Parker

to Criscarter Columbia, South Carolina, United States #780145

please help us with where we can find out more about Dean Parker we need facts please

to Criscarter Columbia, South Carolina, United States #780231

where did he last work ?

to tee time Chicago, Illinois, United States #996158

Silverleaf Resorts in Lombard, Then got fired

to Anonymous #1031601

My name is Trey Hunt: I can tell you that I was Dean A. Parker boss when he consulted for us at Silverleaf Resorts at our office in suburban Chicago two years ago.

I am not sure who the above posting was from but I can state without equivocation that he was NOT terminated from our company. Mr. Parker was a consummate professional when he consulted for our company and simply left at the end of his consultancy period, which we actually extended twice. He consulted for several of our projects and enhanced our sales processes at every location.

Please feel free to contact me at our corporate office should anyone need a reference on the outstanding job Mr.

Dean Parker did for us. We would hire him tomorrow if he would be willing to move his family to TX!

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