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If the house of Republicans would like to CUT or S.S. and medicare to cut the deficit .

We the 47% think that You all of the the Senators should start with your pay !

like a freeze on all your pay indefinitely and a cut of 40% in your expenses and pay !!!! If that is not enough to stimulate you all. If this cliff TAX thing falls. Them you should go home with[ NO] PAY !

What makes you people have a better health care then the rest of us ?We all need to come to gather in this time ! Thanks

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #584216

I agree with fairpoint 100%. Our congress people have been acting like spoiled brats on the playground for several years. It is time for them to pull up their big girl/boy panties and deal with their jobs-------serving the people that elected them.

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