I put a $50 phone card on my phone on the 20th and my phone got shut off on the 11th. I call to ask them why are cutting my phone off when I paid for a month, they said it was due to me starting my service on the 11th when I bought my phone months ago.

I ask t them if there is any way pale top please just give me at least 4 days and I can pray them there $50 when I should have had another week. They said no sorry, we informed them that I just had a baby and she is in NICU and I have to have a phone so they can call me to tell me how my baby is doing, and to tell me if she stops breathing again, and she sounded like a robot saying the same thing over and over. "I'm sorry to heart thatt, but there is nothing we can do".

My husband has to get on the phone and he got then to give us 24 hours that is all they said theycould do for us. This is so sad it really makes me such to my sumach, after today I won't know wheats going on with my baby inkless I go up there, and I have no gas and everyone that can take me up three works until 5-6pm, and I do not want to go up to the hospital to find out something bad about her....i have to have a phone

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