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David Charles is a Public Adjuster that will take your money and run. He makes promises that he never fulfills.

He will have an excuse for every issue that comes up for his lack of work. BEWARE. He is a scam artist !!Can be one of the most charming person, but it is all a scam to do a job that he will never finish. He has been kicked out of some many company's that it blew my mind when I started looking into his passed.

His resume is not even close to honest.

Beware and run. He is the one of the laziest people I have ever met.

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I have found this statement to correct. He is not a man of his word and will leave you hanging for the next big thing.

I hope that every person that sees this review will run the other way.

Trust me he will chase you and lie to you until he gets what he wants. Total crook!!!!

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