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I hired Darren ?Daz? Richards, a sole trader carpenter, to do some carpentry work for me.

He asked for the money in advance because he was crying poverty. I gave him the money on the condition he would do the work the coming Saturday and he agreed. Eight Saturdays later, he was still delaying and still giving me excuses. I notified him I found a reliable carpenter and I asked for my money to be returned to pay the other carpenter.

Darren then started sending nasty and threatening text messages to me. I took him to court, he avoided court and never appeared. I have a court judgement against Darren Richards now. He damaged property at my house and I?ve heard from others that they too have had similar problems with Darren Richards.

Do not ever pay people in advance, only after they finished the work. I would advise others not to have any dealings with Darren Richards. Darren Richards also never once gave me an invoice for the work.

Darren Richards has done this to a former friend. WHAT WOULD HE DO TO A STRANGER?!!!


Reason of review: Unprofessional Behaviour and Failiure to Provide Service.

Monetary Loss: $1450.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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At least I have a wife and a future!!

Signed : Adam and the boys club hs66


I know you too, Its always the same case of defending yourself again over people who have worked their whole lives and pay taxes to the government as you never had. Have you ever worked in your life and contributed to the community, instead you've been nothing but "lame" and hide behind the internet social media to gain power over peoples lives by making these reviews. Once again get a job your self or do community work and get on with your life for what its worth mate and stop using peoples personal lives as your reviews because no one really cares about you (hs66)

to Anonymous #1337820

Truth is no one has ever cared about you as even your extended family does not.you have no friends and your *** at your job at least I'm a perfectionist who taught you ALL your practical knowledge but still your a practical invalid.just ask Craig and Alan you monkey

to Anonymous #1339173

This hs66 guy is a joke, he doesn't make any sense of his writing. It shows he has not completed and schooling beyond year 9?? He probably hasn't even gone that far!

to Anonymous #1341306

I read,write and speak well in 2 languages.this oon guy is a sad joke still living a lie.how very sad.hahaha


Don't mention DARREN RICHARDS. That sleazebag has left a trail of broken promises. Remember his photo as he now operates under a different name.

to Anonymous #1073150

Very sorry that it seems you had a similar experience to myself.

As you mentioned, he goes by a different name. Just wondering whether you can write a comment stating which name he goes by now as I am not finished with this sleazebag yet? Thank you kindly, all the best.

to Anonymous #1337263

I've known Darren since school and he was always a good guy and still is to us. Its a shame that some people can try to defame good guys like Darren who works hard for his family and friends and suddenly gets a difficult fruit cake customer and trys to portray an ugly character to the comunity. Shame on you anonymus people

to Anonymous #1337281

I know you !If Darren was so good why has he left a trail of devestated customers?why are there court orders hre refuses to deal with?why does he not complete work he has been played for ? There is a trail of unhappy people he has burnt .wake up mate!.

to Anonymous #1341307

You know darren as well as you know yourself,..,......VERY POORLY .what did one baffoon say to the other baffoon.....................?

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