We had a dual/recliner love seat delivered, 2nd piece(recliner sofa)was on back order & wouldnt be delivered until Nov/2010. The 1st delivery we had slight wall damage when loveseat was taken upstairs, driver noted info, & we made f/up call to cust service.

The 1st scheduled appt. we waited all day & no show, I called the man who was to come,He sd he forgot,we were home,, rescheduled 2 more times still not resolved!!!The 2nd sofa was delivered in Nov2010 about 6wks after the loveseat, still no show for repair, The repair person the 1st time I talked to him, asked if we repaired the wall & get the pait to match, he would reimburse us. I told him I'd prefer him to do the work, I gave manager 2 weeks ago, when he called on f/up call the name of color & where the paint was purchased,,I called cust service 2day & was told that repair man sd he came twice to home yesterday, Both my husband & I were home until after 6pm He wanted to be home while repair was done!!

But that never took place. This is poor customer service..But no problem sending the bill each month for payment!!

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