Has anyone ever noticed that most of the items that you purchase get discontinued right after you purchase. I would love to research and find out where this furniture comes from.

Could someone help me start the process. I had multiple deliveries damaged, is this possible. I am puzzled on how these complaints are handled? Customer Service is the last priority on Rooms To Go's list.

I will be contacting consumer affairs on this warranty package that I purchased. I to am dealing with a sofa which is falling apart at the seams. I got the same song and dance. What we purchased has been discontinued.

So no replacement as the warranty promised. They say its normal wear and tear. HELLO THE COUCH IS 9 MONTHS OLD. The technician that was sent out said that it does not appear to be a defect.

So my question is? How long is the furniture good for.

The company should just change its name to Lease to go. Then we can trade it out ever 1-1 1/2 years, because that's about how long most of the furniture last.

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