On 6/17/2011 i had a leather couch delivered to my house when thy went to take apart on the truck because they had to take it apart to bring down the basement and put back together when they got it in because it was to big to bring down without taking it apart. They were supposed to be there between 10-2 and did not call to say they would be late and did not show until 5 o clock.

So they went on the truck to take it apart the couch and came back to say it was ripped which they did trying to rush to due and ripped it bad. So then i got the run around from the people out the store and then 4-5 days finally tell me they have to order a new couch witch we will have to wait another month for, after we waited 1 month for it the first time. This is very bad business to be so irresponsible and not try and get it there sooner then a month. I am so sick of hearing excuses and how they cannot get for another month.

I am so disgusted and think since it was the delivery people that damaged it on the truck we should have had the couch within 7-10 days but say they only make it at certain times. That is so ridiculous i never heard of the factory making only so many and no way can they acomadate us until then after paying so much for it. You should have more responsible people working there so these screw ups do not happen and do something to make it right after they are responsible for it. You people say you are number 1 in furniture but i see different from this mess.

One couch waiting for 2 months is absurd. Shame on you!

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