On the 08/07/2008, I Michaela Brockmann was involved in a motor vehicle accident with one of YOUR client's Robyn Bell who can be contacted at 082 439 0548. Robyn Bell smashed into the back of my vehicle. As to the direction she came from, honestly my eyes were looking forward as her eyes should have been doing. The accident occurred at 7H45, on the Otto du Plisses Drive in Maitland. For this reason the I reported the accident at the Maitland Police Station to SGT Snyman - AR55/07/2008.

On the 05/09/2008 I took it upon myself to sms your client regarding the repairs to my car, Robyn Bell replied on Sunday the 07/09/2008 informing me that there had been a paperwork problem thus causing a delay. Prior to this Robyn did contact me for my details, I did inform her of the accident on the 15/08/2008.

The fact that I was involved in another accident which your company obviously is aware of and thus proves a "state of denial" from your side, please note that this was in the front of my vehicle and not the rear (back). The front damages have already been sorted, this once again proves that that your company reflects bad service, especially since I am a single mother with 3 children and you label yourself as an insurance company and cannot take responsibility when suppose to. Please note that I own a Mazda Midge - really pathetic it makes your profile seem! - at least I still have my integrity.

Very frustrated, trying to get the matter sorted as I do not and choose not to have insurance...........I was put through to Althea Hayes, D.Holland & Associates' so-called client advisor. After Anthea referred to me as "clever" for not having insurance (was she trying to be sarcastic) and implied that the claim could take longer due to my "attitude" I now feel that it is senseless dealing with her as it seems she can bend the rules.

I hope that we are capable of working together. It is almost 3 months since the accident and I have had to deal with the inconviences as previously mentioned to Sharron Wheeler. Regarding the email Sharron Wheeler sent through to me.......I also have rights, one of them is not to be abused by your system. I have faxed through the quotes, affidavit and a copy of my Drivers' Licence, as for the sketch I would find it more professional and in order for you to contact the Maitland Police Station.


Michaela Brockmann


Subject: Motor Insurance ClaimDate: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 15:44:22 +0200To: michaela.brockmann@hotmail.com

Dear Ms Brockmann

Thank you for your email.

Our client did report the incident to us and submitted her claim form after which the claim was registered and diarised pending a third party approach which as per above, we received this morning and can now attend to the matter accordingly.

We accept the submission of your claim, without prejudice, and at all times reserve the right to deny liability for your claim.

Kindly submit the following documentation:-

A written statement from yourself advising of the circumstances of the claim. This should include the date, time and place of the accident. It should also include Police details being the name of the police station you reported the accident to and the case number provided to you. We would also ask you to sketch the accident and mark where the damage occurred to your vehicle on the sketch as our client has advised that on the 15th August you had another accident which could have further caused damage to your vehicle but which would not be part of the claim against our client.A letter from your Insurance Company confirming that you will not be claiming against your policy for the damages to your vehicle. If you are not insured, we require an affidavit of non-insurance from yourself. Copy of your drivers licence.Proof of damages to your vehicle by way of 3 quotations.

Please note that we reserve the right to investigate your claim including to obtain our own assessors report. We also reserve the right, without prejudice and in our discretion, to make an offer in settlement to you. The offer entails a cash payment and not any repairs to your vehicle. The offer is entailed in a release form that we will provide to you and that you must duly complete and sign and return to us. Your banking details will need to be reflected on this Release.





Authorised Financial Services Provider


Holland Insurance House

141 Jan Hofmeyr Road


Tel: 031 267 0044

Fax: 031 267 0090

Email: swheeler@holins.co.za


From: michaela brockmann [mailto:michaela.brockmann@hotmail.com] Sent: 30 September 2008 07:45 PMTo: Sharron WheelerSubject: RE: Insurance Claim????

Good Morning

I, Michaela Brockmann was involved in a motor vehicle accident in the beginning of July. It is already the end of September and I have not heard from anyone regarding the damages or repairs to my vehicle. Several times I have made contact with your client Robyn - who can be contacted for further details at 082 439 0548 for any further details.

I now have a car that is leaking from the rains, rusting and my children are inconvienenced by having to get out of the car on the roadside.

This lack of service is clearly a bad reflection upon D Holland & Associates. I expect this matter to be attended to by the end of this week - 03 October 2008, otherwise I have no choice but to take legal action for which you will be liable for any costs. With respect please contact me personally on 076 103 5678.

Yours SincerelyMichaela Brockmann

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