For the past few years I have been trying to get things updated,corrected from my credit reports.I have never seen such an assortment of mistakes in my entire life,for instance Inquiries,the credit bureau says ''You have to go back to the people who put these inquiries on your report.The people who put these inquiries on your report say,you have to go to the cb,or here's a good one incorrect phone number,phone number disconnected,or here one that absolutely floors me this one company does not exists under the information that is on my cb report,thats correc you read this correctly. And,these so called collectors of information about our lives wonder why we don;t trust them ,they don,t wonder they just don;t give a darn.Also,think about this,here recently these same companies,got into my checking accoun t,using the ruse of credit monitoring services,well, to make a long story short,I started said application,however I never finished these on line applications,for one reason or another I backed out,or so I thought I did,wach yourselves on this item,but none the less I fully intend to take all this to the max,I am 62 ,and disabled.I feel that I have been delt with shamelessly by these ,so called collector of information,distinctly,they need to be put out of business andI feel they have such a conflict of interest going on that it is a crime.So in conclusion,like I said I am taking this to the max,what the *** do I have to loose

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