Beware of crazy males in Orlando and altamonte springs. I was driving to Whole Foods and rightfully making a right hand turn.

A mentally ill male decided to walk across a crosswalk without even looking literally he turned the second I drove up and almost ran into my car. He turned suddenly without looking. It was 100 percent his fault for randomly turning walking. Nothing happened of course but he tried to blame me for nothing I did crazy person.

Then this sociopathic devil threw his water on my car in anger. What a lunatic. I tried to take a pic of him but couldn't. Beware of angry misogynistic *** like this they belong somewhere else not on this planet.

Terrible person.

Here is a far away pic of him in a light blue shirt. Brown hair chubby angry twisted freak.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Stratford, Ontario, Canada #1341266

I bet the guy in the photo is probably some crazy, liberal, Democrat!


You almost hit a guy in a crosswalk and he is somehow at fault? *** lol.

to Anonymous Clermont, Florida, United States #1341257

are you kidding me? I was driving on a road he was on a sidewalk and almost walked into my car without looking. Totally his fault he turned to his right and my car was there..you're a ***

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