Junction City,Ohio

CPS undermined my faith in due process after an investigation was opened up regarding my daughter's school attendance. I had nothing to hide nor fear and was cooperative and responsive.

Not knowing who called created an Orwellian-like environment of mistrust and fear. After the case worker assessed us, I was originally put on a registry until my daughter turned 28! How could this be? When I confronted the case worker, she quipped that since I didn't work with children (which I sometimes do), it shouldn't matter.

Our issue was a matter of paperwork; in fairness, I should have filed that my daughter was being home-schooled until she commenced with her new institution. If ANYONE can call a hotline and report someone anonymously, essentially where is due process? I was accused and basically assumed guilty until I proved my innocence. This has happened to many single mothers in our area.

CPS hurt us far more than they ever helped. I am still traumatized from having to open my home up to a stranger and seeing my private life examined and dissected. I am an educator and well-respected member of the community. I do not believe we would have been singled out if I were married.

No one ever came to our house to tell me that I was doing a great job. I fail to see how CPS can justify its hotline policy when so many hard-working, struggling single mothers are targeted and harassed. It hurt and embarrassed me to have to explain myself to an individual that clearly came in with a preconception and then looked for proof of such. Later, I learned the source of the call, and it was done deliberately as a measure to hurt us by a very depraved individual.

Too often, the system is used to abuse, instead of help. It is not very different than the Salem witch hunts. I implore New York State to change its hotline policy. No one should be allowed to stand behind a curtain of anonymity when pointing fingers at mothers.

How many children have been helped by this versus how many have been hurt? I would never reach out to CPS for help after this experience.

I believe this was a breach of my rights; the case worker went far beyond her jurisdiction and did not have our best interests at heart. Many children are placed in foster care as a result of these trespasses; with financial incentives to do so, it appears that there are enormous flaws in the system.

Reason of review: Emotional duress.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Saratoga, California, United States #1188583

So you took your child out of school and maybe we're home schooling but maybe not, since you didn't bother to follow the reporting rules. Poor kid.

An education is very important. Why did you screw this up? How will your kid be hurt by your negligence? Will he/she be denied entry to college?

Who knows? Take responsibility instead of complaining .

to Anonymous #1189100

My child is brilliant and her education is very important to me. I am a teacher and professor, as is her father.

You are assuming negligence, thereby guilt. This hurt us more than helped. The attitude of the caseworker was not too different than yours. There are many different ways that we can educate our children.

Classrooms are only one aspect of a well-rounded education. My daughter has traveled the world and seen many different people from all walks of life. She is compassionate, empathetic, and extremely well-read. I did not dispute the benefits of education.

My grievance is with the manner in which the State was used by someone that as it turned out was a criminal who was later arrested. Your anonymous statement is exactly the kind of curtain I believe does more harm than good.

Instead of asking questions and trying to understand, you stand in judgement. Shame on you.

to witchhunted2015 #1321762

I live among some women who will call CPS over a falling out with each other. I had an ex-boyfriend calling CPS every 60 days for over a year because of his insane jealousy .

I was fortunate that the workers I got were intelligent, decent human beings and I also knew to be cooperative and as pleasant as possible. For a single positive pot test the first time the lowlife ex started calling them (and I had to quit using what to me is medicine), I am now on a State Registry until my son is 28 years old.

Gimme a *** break. People who abuse the system for personal vendettas should be arrested and serve jail time for wasting resources and traumatizing mothers and their children !

to witchhunted2015 #1324352

You didnt' report. For all the education you claim you have, you didn't follow the rules. Shame on you.

Saratoga, California, United States #1188579

They are working for the child, not for you.

to Anonymous #1189102

True, and in general I believe most are doing good work and trying to help. My good work in the community served me during this difficult time.

My reputation and long standing relationships were what made all the difference. I have spoken to many mothers who were targeted by ex-husbands or pissed off neighbors.

People use the system to hurt. This is what I would like to see addressed.

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