Judge William Adams Aransas County Court at LawCorrupt, Child Abuser, Liar, Conspirator

I was visiting County Court at Law in Aransas County on October 11, 2010, and I was horrified at what I saw. The case involved custody of a 6 year old child.

The mother presented medical records from Texas Mental Health and Retardation Services (MHMR) showing that the child care provider used by the father was homicidal, suicidal, psychotic and heavily drugged among other things. Judge William Adams presiding judge of the Court held that this evidence was "irrelevant." I heard the lawyer for the mother say "You better hope this child is not hurt." Incredibly, Judge William Adams just shrugged his shoulders.

The father, his lawyer, and the child care provider had all lied earlier claiming the child care provider was perfectly OK. Judge William Adams couldn't care less about this lie designed to endanger the child. The hearing was obviously rigged and the truth would not interfere with the outcome that had been predetermined. Judge William Adams didn't even conceal the corruption.

The mother testified that the child said his father, his father's lawyers, and others told him to lie that his mother "touched" him improperly. Also, the child was told that a judge said his mother is a "bad mommy" and to not hold her hand or hug her (and several other malicious things).

The mother testified that the events described by the child were corroborated because two waiters at the restaurant where the child said this happened confirmed that the father and child and a number of adults were present at the time described by the child. One of the waiters testified in open court confirming this. The other waiter presented an affidavit. The father lied that he had not been at the restaurant. The child said he was told to lie and say he saw his mother's lawyer and his mother in bed together. The mother testified the child had no other way to know this lie had been told by the father's lawyers (without any evidence) so what the child said must be true.

There was no evidence that the meeting the child described didn't occur (other than mere denials by the same people who had earlier claimed that the child care provider was perfectly OK). The lawyer for the father said the child was "fantasizing" yet provided no evidence of this just her statements which were just *** (there is no reason a six year old child should not be believed and the child is hardly a toddler). Incredibly, the Judge not only ignored the outcries of the child but punished the mother and her lawyer for reporting what the child had said. I was absolutely appalled. The Judge clearly did not care about the truth and was acting completely corruptly.

The lawyer for the mother said that it is irresponsible to believe a child and Judge William Adams was agreeing. They effectively called this child a liar with no evidence to justify that. It was obvious to me that they were corruptly concealing the truth of what happened.

I attended a later hearing where the father testified that the child was honest and does not fantasize. He said he would be concerned if he the child told him that the mother was telling the child to lie and say that "daddy touched you." Judge William Adams just ignored what the child said about the abuse the father and his lawyers did to the child (and worked to conceal it).

I saw Judge Adams completely deny the mother discovery and punish her for even trying. Judge William Adams clearly had no interest in the truth and in fact was covering up the truth.

Judge William Adams was removed from the case within days of the hearing. I saw a later hearing presided over by a different judge, and I observed Judge William Adams slapping one of the lawyers for the father on the back and smiling and joking with him (in the hall outside the courtroom). This lawyer William Dudley appeared *** to me.

I found the following picture of his partner on the internet.

I got to talking to a guy there at the hearing. His name is Stanley Rains. He said these same lawyers denied him access to his child for a decade based on lies and corruption much like I had just seen with Judge Adams. Stanley Rains' ex-wife had said that some anonymous ladies at a park had seen him there with his daughter playing chase, sitting on a park bench, etc. There was no allegation of wrong doing just groundless insinuation. He was persecuted for years by these same lawyers (Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly).

William Kelly is a city councilman most of the time. His wife was driving drunk and had an accident injuring his children. That happened nearly a decade ago. The case still has not been tried due to the corruption revolving around these lawyers.

Stanley Rains was even prosecuted for a crime. The allegation was totally corrupt and retaliatory essentially that he had gone to the school to see his daughter (which his Court order allowed him to do). He told me that these lawyers always lie and steal children from loving parents. They groom weak and corrupt judges to help them. William Kelly brags about "destroying people."

These same lawyers destroyed the relationship of a man named Craig Doreck with his children merely because his child came home after a visit with "*** on his butt." These sicko lawyers suggested that *** in a diaper of a child in diapers somehow evidenced sexual misconduct. They also claimed the small child still in diapers said "dad tickled me on the butt." They say a six year old child should not be believed on who he had dinner with and what was said yet a child still diapers should be believed about dad "tickling him on the butt." I was appalled at what I was hearing. There is obviously corruption in our family law bar and courts.

Stanley Rains told me that William Dudley admitted to being a child abuser.

I was absolutely appalled by the behavior of Judge William Adams. He is corrupt, and he was abusing this child subjecting this child to a danger homicidal suicidal care provider and protecting the lawyers who sought to have his mother imprisoned and taken from his life. Stanley Rains told me they do this all the time. They do the same "plays" over and over again destroying many children and parents. They are sociopaths with no conscience and no integrity.

In Stanley Rains' case, William Kelly's sister in law was the Ad Litem (Jeanette Cantu Bazarre). She lied about interviewing the ladies at the park and made up lies. Stanley Rains never learned that the ad litem was related to William Kelly until many years later.

Judge William Adams of Aransas County Court at Law is a corrupt loser. He looks as weak and immature as he is. He looks like a boy with his hands caught in the cookie jar. He looks like he just finished meeting with William Dudley (or his associate). He is a corrupt. He is a loser. Do not vote for him. Be a responsible citizen and watch those elected to public office. Judges should be be responsible and honest people and he isn't. He wants the approval of lawyers like Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly and couldn't care less about children or justice.

Here is "pretty boy" William Dudley who takes great pains to sound like a professor but who is obviously just a total dumb *** who uses his "pretty boy" sex appeal to win over judges.

These lawyers and this judge sicken me. The judge needs to be voted out of office. Please do your public duty and go to court proceedings like I did and let the public know about bad apple judges. It could be you next time. Sicko lawyers cannot function without corrupt judges.


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Well, lets go! Grab your guns and baseball bats and all sorts of torture devices! Lets go rip this judge's head off and feed it to wild dogs!

Tiffin, Ohio, United States #759611

*** slit his throat. :(


I absolutely hope this man suffers greatly for what he has put this poor girl through.


The (so called) justice system in this country is a joke.This is the dumbest country on the planet.People and courts are more worried about an animal being abused or killed than they are about humans.


i cannot believe this judge has managed to get away for 8 years straight. sure, i am well aware cases can go out for a long time, but how does he get away for beating his daughter for 8 straight years.


If the Perry performances are any indication of the attitudes of TX government, it's likely that these accusations could be true.No one thinks that states can go bad, but what about the PA case where profits were made by the Judge and lawyers in the adolescent incarceration scam?

There is no reason to imagine that a cavalier atmosphere produces anything but a tolerance for predators, and the vendors/associates who benefit from such abuse.Consumers need methods to protect themselves that are not "court connected" since many of the Judges and Courts are thought to be so rooted in corruption, politically and economically.

Consumers need innovation for solid business, real jobs, and public resolution relative to the "powers that be/would be." That becomes more and more clear today, the more we hear.


this judge Wm Adams should be disbarred.this is terrible behavior for anyone, especially a judge.

7 minutes of hitting his 16 yr old daughter(Hillary) with a belt, & he has the nerve to say she made him do it because she did something wrong. i also think he should never be alone with his 10 yr old daughter!! also it seems that he abused & threatened his wife also.

he needs HELP!!i was shocked to see this on Dr Phil show!!!!!


Another Judge should sign a similar beating for adams by a prison inmate. The inmate can state for the record "the beating is not as bad as it looks" that Coward is violent and should not be immuned!!


Ce type est fou à lier ! Et certainement sadique dans sa tête !


I was beaten like that when i was i teenager and all I want is the capital sentence for *** like him, his wife, and all kind of bastards who abuse someone like that. I was really in pain while I was watching the beating because it was the exact same thing that happened to me. I really wish they all burn in ***!!!!

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