Other Company - Fresh flowers

flowers arrived to my wife not looking fresh, they said flowers came in that morning and were the best they have seen in years, not happy

Reason of review
Bad quality
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Other Company - Great services

Gabriel was great he installed recess light throughtout my dingy house in my office, kitchen and living room he finished so fast and everything came out so beautiful i love the work i wish him and his company well and refer to all my family and friends!

Reason of review
Good quality
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Other Company - Paid for a costumers food

Paid for a costumers food with my own money because I didn’t have my red card.

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Other Company - Pricing

Yes you guys charge me $75 for a repair and I looked in my bank account and you have deducted $99 from my account

Reason of review
Problems with payment
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Other Company in Troy, Ohio - A very dishonest company

When I started with MBF I was lied to and feel that I was taken advantage of because of being a new business. Yrs later still paying for services that I never used nor wanted. They are always using threats to get me to pay.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund
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Other Company - Discriminating against Israeli customers

I used to be a good customer and suddenly I am forbidden to enter their web site to purchase goods

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Other Company - I need an account number to access your service to withdraw casino funds.

To put it simply I'm trying to open an account so that I may move some casino winnings to my bank account.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
Preferred solution
I'm simply trying to obtain an account # so I can withdraw some casino winnings
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Other Company - Water

Aransas pass and rockport and all coastal bend are using empty water towers to make us feel as if we are drinkig from WATER TOWERS but we are actually drinking SEAWATER ran through a filter. we dint realize this until the water tower fell and it was empty.

hast been replaced and we still have water? really?

also a cop once told me he had a MAGLITE and dropped it down a water tower and went to check on it to see if the light was still on a year later/ and he said it was still on.

I thought about that and realized that the water tower wasn't dispensing water or RE-FRESHING water cause if it were then, that flashlight would've been SWALLOWED AND GONE.

so in that city we were drinking LAKEWATER.

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Dissatisfied Customer

About 1 month ago, we decided to start looking for someone to fix our driveway. Several bids led us to Oscar Rodriguez from Adam Plan Construction. Oscar claimed to be a contractor with Missouri City, with years of experience in repairing sidewalks and driveways. We had seen his work on our neighbor's sidewalk and another neighbor's driveway and felt comfortable with him working on our driveway.

Initially, he had promised to get the work done over 4 days, but this quickly turned into 12 days. Despite having a large driveway, he only had 2 people on the job. Mr. Rodriguez later admitted that these two helpers did not have experience in doing driveways.

When it came time to lay the cement, he again employed workers who did not know how to do the job. The front lawn along the driveway was damaged after it was run over repeatedly by equipment.

Days later, after allowing the cement to dry, we discovered that the corners of the driveway where the ends meet were uneven and missing. The cement itself was brittle in many areas along the joints and easy to remove.

After discussing this with Mr. Rodriguez, he stated it could be easily repaired by applying caulk ourselves to the unsatisfactory areas. We attempted to do just that, however, realizing the magnitude of this repair, we again reached out to his, asking that he repair the unsatisfactory areas himself. Upon returning to our residence, he angrily defended his work and refused to take accountability for his errors. While Mr. Rodriguez promised to come back, he never did, even after attempts to contact him again.

randolf serrano
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Other Company - Not Aplicable

Would you be so kind to unsubscribe me..?

I really don't want to respond to your emails and would like to put a stop to your web site from reaching me going forward


Ed Zaccari

Review #1490293 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1490293.

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