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We purchased a 2014 Griffin 14' dump box trailer. Two years later, the powder coating starting coming off, 4 years later the trailer now looks like *** Very embarrassing to take to a job site or drive around town.

Almost all of the powder coating is off. Contacted the vendor (Becks Custom Coach Trailer) that we purchased it from and they said we needed to contact Chubbs Steel because that is who puts the coating on. Becks said they have had several complaints about this happening to their equipment made by this company and will now tell all customers who want to purchase equipment about the problems with the coating. I contacted Chubbs Steel and spoke with Roy, who said they cannot do anything about it.

They have no idea how we took care of the trailer since its been 4 years now. Well I told him we always keep it in a pole barn. He said we need to wash and wax it and by keeping it in a pole barn the trailer will rust because there is no air movement. Really???

Hmmm we do wash it after every use and its dry before we put it in the barn, unless its raining of course. Funny we have a 2010 Parker gooseneck trailer that is parked right next to this one and it still looks great!!! Never again will be buy a piece of equipment with powder coating put on by Chubbs Steel.

Warranty or not - powder coating should not come off as much as this did and the company does noting about it. Buyer beware!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why wait 2+ years? At 2yrs (as I stated) the coating started coming off, then by 4 years it looks like the pictures.

I posted this so others will be aware of the powder coating coming off (whether I contacted them right at 2 yrs, 3 yrs.....what’s the difference they would not have done anything about it, per the company). Wouldn’t you like to know about this if you were looking to buy a trailer?


why would you wait 2 + years to complain about a paint issue?

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