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As a 15 year old girl, I can say that Child Protective Services are a huge joke. I have been living with my mom my whole life, and I can remember a lot of bad experiences from my childhood. I can say my mother was a narcissist. Most of the time, she put herself before me. Children and Youth has been called three times on my mother, yet I was never taken out of her care. Last year, I was living with my aunt and my uncle. Was. Key word. Someone, whom I don't know, called Children and Youth on my mother for driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol with her kids in the car. (My brother, who was eight at the time, and I was 14.) While I was living with my aunt and my uncle, my mother would visit me every day. Then she stopped coming over suddenly. Children and Youth had been called. I was yelled at and screamed at by her, and I was afraid of ever going outside.

My caseworker was arrogant and a major ***. During the time of when I was living at my aunt and uncles, I was drug tested, and had to do counseling and mentoring due to self harm. I loved my counselors and I loved my mentor. But I couldn't stand my caseworker. Nor was I comfortable with my family counselor. Every time during my supervised visits, I was scared to say what I truly thought at that moment. Then came the four hour long house visits. Which weren't too bad. But lo and behold, I had found out she was emailing my father, who she threatened. That crossed a line with me. I printed out the emails, highlighted, and wrote notes next to every single one of them.

I couldn't show them to her. I was too afraid. My caseworker scared me. But I had a glimmer of hope. I had thought that maybe I would be in permanent care with my aunt and uncle. My uncle was in the middle of getting me put on his insurance.

The day that he had gotten it, I received a call. I would be living back with my mother. My uncle was pissed. My aunt was pissed. The caseworker did not care, not one bit. She didn't respect one ounce of my feelings.

So in conclusion, their system is absolutely terrible. They hurt me far more than they helped. I lost all hope with them, I would never recommend their services, not even to my worst enemy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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