There was a white Lexus parked by our park with the door opened. My 12 year old daughter unwittingly passed by the car and glanced in.

Unfortunately she saw an older lady performing a sex act on a young man. My daughter continued walking when the "lady" jumped out and started calling her a nosey b and began chasing her down the street. My daughter was scared but she went around the block and was able to see the license plate. I have a friend that's an investigator, he ran the number and what do you know it's Josephina Mary Cicero aged 63 and she matches my daughters description.

Old, Wrinkled, trying to look young, Pudgy Face, Heavy Makeup, Dirty Big Brown Wig, Dirty boots, Dirty Car and owner of some phony company . It's amazing that people pretend to be normal when they are really sick. Public Sex and Child Abuse from an old woman ? The San Diego Police Department DOES NOT investigate Adults exposing children to sex acts or cursing them out.

If you don't believe it CALL. I'm not sure what they investigate. In fact, I once reported A homeless man for exposing his privates while urinating on the corner at high noon. The police refused to respond.

Since I can not get protection from the police.

I will warn the public. Avoid this Drug Abusing, Child Abusing Drunk and her company.

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Lilburn, Georgia, United States #1260534

This is the worst review that I've ever read. It sounds as if you are jealous of the other woman. I hope she sees this and sues you for libel.

Ashford, Surrey, United Kingdom #1228062

Made up rubbish

London, England, United Kingdom #951107

The police often refuse to do anything.


Maybe when she contacted the police she was all emotional and did not take her seriously.You can walk into any police station and press charges on anyone so why has this not been done?Mom if you cannot handle it maybe dad should be the one to do this.Make a appointment with your local D.A. bring a lawyer with you so things get done.People are also very dumb....I bet soon she will be back at that park doing her thing.Watch that park get video of her there.Then call the police and let the chips fall where they may.You can talk to the media too.Other parents would want to be warned of this.

San Diego, California, United States #820170

The police wouldn't do anything so I did.

San Diego, California, United States #752729

Yeah, I see 63 year old women chasing 12 year old kids down the street all the time. Of course the police investigate these reports ...

with an eye witness and a license plate? That's a *** claim, c'mon man.


Are you a looking to extort some money here or what? Get a life, fool.

to Tonapah #981864

I'm not a man.

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