if anyone wants to see what benzodiazepines do to someone after long term use visit this website. this guy is an obsessive psycho that has nothing better to do in his life but harass others.

after taking over 10 xanax a day for years and drug induced hepatitis his brain is destroyed. he fails to see his own delusional disease. he constantly attacks innocent people and causes as much distress as possible to people in an already fragile state of mind. he even thinks he is going to have a lawsuit or case against them.

he sits at his computer all day scraping content from health forums to twist it into his own delusional words. warning- do not take any benzodiazepine or you could turn out like him.

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He is still bullying vulnerable members of our earth society. Surely his behaviour will catch up soon.

I know I sleep well and I would hate to be him, truly.

Nasty little man. End Psychiatry and end bullying.


Clearly this site is not very trafficked. The reason is obvious.

He an Banana 101 are the last psychos standing. Mike59 took BE down, guess BB will remain in operation indefinitely.

You are done Mikey, finished, everyone is bored with you, very bored. YAWN

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